Get ready for spring selling

The frenzied spring selling season is just around the corner and if you want to get in before the competition heats up you need to start preparing your property now.

So what do you need to do to get your property ready?


Get out the paintbrushes if it’s been at least 2 years since your walls last saw a fresh coat of paint. Painting will help give your property that freshly renovated feel and help buyers see that the property has been well maintained.

Popular paint colours change year to year (and even from suburb to suburb) so ask your local paint supplier what’s in vogue or check out the colours of new or renovated homes in your area for inspiration.

Finish projects and repairs

Any outstanding renovations or repair projects need to be finished before the property hits the market. Buyers will overestimate the cost to fix any issues with the property so its best to make sure everything is in working order if you want to guarantee the maximum sale price for your property.

Clean and de-clutter

Cleaning and de-cluttering a home will help make it more appealing to buyers. Mess and clutter can be a major deterrent for buyers and prevent them from visualising themselves moving into the home. Consider hiring a professional cleaner to help make your home look spotless and to save yourself some time.

Pay attention to kerb appeal

The front of a house has a big impact on buyers so spend some time making yours the star of your neighbourhood. Remember to clean up weeds and garden beds and replace anything that’s damaged such as fences or letterboxes. Take a photo of the front of your house and ask yourself if there’s anything that looks out of place or that could be fixed up to help improve your home’s first impressions.

Chat to your Professionals real estate agent

Have a chat to your real estate agent as early in the selling process as possible to get advice and find out what needs to be done to maximise your sale price. If you’re thinking about selling in Fairfield and would like any advice about selling your property, get in touch with the Professionals Fairfield team.

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