How to choose the right suburb to live in?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a home is its location.

Choosing the perfect location for you and your family can take time but you want to ensure that a suburb has everything you’re looking for before making any big decisions.

To help you on your search, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Price

Affordability is a major point to consider when looking for a future home.

Homebuyers will need to learn to compromise early on to find a suitable location within their price range.

But compromise doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dream suburb just yet. If you can’t afford properties in your favourite neighbourhood consider options such as buying an apartment instead of a house or a property that needs renovating.

Another option is to look at cheaper neighbouring suburbs that may offer the same lifestyle but with a reduced price tag.

  1. Local amenities

Always consider what is on offer nearby such as shops, cafes and entertainment. While you may not think these things are important initially, over time you might find it a hassle to drive a few suburbs away just because you need to grab some bread or milk.

  1. Transport

Having public transport and major roads nearby can help you get around with ease and so it should always be a consideration no matter how you choose to travel.

Don’t discount the importance of public transport if you mainly travel by car, particularly if you have young children. As kids grow up, having access to trains and buses can make it easier for them to get around and reduce the reliance on the family car.

  1. Schools and education 

Schools should be on the radar for anyone with kids. Check out the local primary and high schools on offer before buying in a suburb to make sure there are suitable options around to suit your child.

Keep in mind that some schools are extremely competitive to get into and it can be hard to get into a school if you aren’t already living within that school’s catchment boundaries.

  1. Future growth

Looking for a property that will potentially be your “forever” home, or is capital growth more important? Buying a property is a major financial commitment so it’s worth thinking about your needs both now and into the future.

Will you plan to have kids one day? Are you at an age where the kids are about to move out and you might want to downsize? Or is your next house just a stepping-stone to your future dream property?

Before deciding on a suburb to live in, think about your future goals and ambitions and whether the area you plan to buy in will be able to grow with you.

The above are just a few different factors to keep in mind before purchasing a property, but ultimately the decision will come down to personal preferences and circumstances, and for a lot of us we prefer to stay close to the areas we know best.

Here at Professionals Fairfield, we think that Fairfield and surrounding suburbs have a lot to offer homebuyers including lifestyle, a fantastic community, access to shops, amenities and recreational areas and affordable homes too.

To find out more about our local area, feel free to contact the Professionals Fairfield team.

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