Are we all obsessed with property?

How often do you check property sights? Do you do it a few times a day, or perhaps only a couple of time a month or year?

If you’re in the former category, you’re certainly not the only one. It appears that a lot of Australians are obsessed with property and has the numbers to prove it.

Data from reveals that in an average month 5.9 million people visit the site, and in 2016 its users spent 110 million hours on the site, according to Smart Property Investment.

The data also revealed that one real estate enthusiast viewed more than 17,000 unique property listings in a single year. That adds up to an average of almost 50 listings per day!

The website also recorded over 6.5 million visits to property listings each day. There were also 22 billion views of property images during the year or the equivalent of 45,000 every minute.

These extraordinary numbers goes to show that people all over the country (and abroad) are looking at properties around the clock.

It should also be noted that this data is only from one real estate portal, meaning that it would only represent a portion of the amount of views that each Australian property gets online. There are a number of ways to find property, and the property obsessed amongst us probably frequent a few sites every week.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you probably have some level of interest in property. We’re all fascinated by other people’s homes and whether you’re buying, selling or just monitoring the market it’s always interesting to see the homes for sale in our neighbourhoods.

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