Why the festive season can be a great time to get into the property market

Last week, we posted about the potential advantages of selling property over the festive season, but there are just as many reasons for buyers to consider jumping into the property market at this time of year.

In general, the property market slows down in December, and whether you’re a buyer or seller you can use this to your advantage.

Buyers and sellers tend to face less competition over the festive season and both can take advantage of people who don’t want to wait until the New Year to complete their home transaction.

For many, the countdown to Christmas can put pressure on people to make a quick decision so they can relax and get on with their holidays.

Buyers might be able to negotiate a bargain with sellers who don’t want to wait around for a higher offer, or simply want to move on and need to sell first.

The same types of bargains are unlikely to be found from late January onwards, when many buyers come out of the woodworks and start looking to purchase the home they’ve been dreaming about over the holidays.

On the plus side however, while there will be more buyers once the festive season settles down, there is likely to be more sellers then too. So if you can’t find anything on the property market that suits your needs right now then you might find that it pops up in next year.

The Professionals Fairfield Real Estate team are happy to help you buy and sell over the festive season. For those looking to find their new home in time for the New Year, you can find our properties for sale at professionalsfairfield.com.au.

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