Be A Walking Billboard And Help Change The Face Of Men’s Health

It’s that time of the year again when men across the country (and specifically our own Fairfield real estate owners and renters), are encouraged to support men’s health by becoming Mo Bros – It’s the month of MOVEMBER!

Mo Bros everywhere will be growing their mo’s to act as walking billboards for men’s health issues, in particular prostate cancer and depression in men.  It is hoped that the onslaught of mos parading through the streets of Fairfield will trigger conversations and bring the often ignored issues of men’s health back into the spotlight.

Men across the country will wake up tomorrow morning, head straight to the bathroom and shave their upper lips in support of this great cause.  Ladies, you may like to take a snapshot of your man’s clean shaven look at the beginning of the month, because it won’t last for long.  Throughout the month of November Mo Bros everywhere will be actively growing, grooming, styling, and no doubt self-admiring their new look, preparing to show off an enviable moustache by the end of the month.

Men of Australia, you are not without choice when it comes to your desired ‘mo’ style’!  There are oodles of grooming options available, with the Charlie Chaplin, handlebar and pencil moustaches always proving popular choices.  By the end of November we hope to see many owners and renters of real estate in Fairfield proudly showing off their impressive mo’s, while raising awareness and essential funds for men’s health.

At the end of the month, Mo Bros and their female supporters (formally known as Mo Sistas) will be able to celebrate their newfound hairiness by either throwing their own Movember party or attending one of the infamous Gala parties held in each capital city (click here for the official party list).  Let us know if you’re hosting an event or know of a nearby fundraising party.  Let’s get all our Fairfield residents on board with a place to show off their month’s hard work.

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