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Buying Fairfield real estate

Professionals real estateIf you’re looking to buy in Fairfield, but want to make sure the home you’re buying will leave you with a profit at resale if you need to sell in the next five years, it can be a very tough decision.  Do you go for the perfect house, the worst house in a good street, the ‘renovator’s delight’, or a new home?  These days, with more and more Generation Y’ers choosing to rent rather than make the leap into first home ownership, the property landscape is changing.  While there are still buyers for every price bracket, the days of young couples competing for doer-uppers is no longer a guarantee.

So how do you buy, secure in the knowledge that your home will be able to make you a profit when it comes time to sell?  If you’re tossing up between the worst house in the best street or your dream home in a worse spot, it can be really tricky.  First of all, there are no guarantees.  But a general rule of thumb, which you may have heard once or twice before, is ‘Location Location Location’.  Sacrificing a little on creature comforts to be in a great area can certainly ensure you turn a tidy profit, providing the house has potential.

Generally sticking close to good schools, being in a convenient location to public transport, and not having to drive for miles to the nearest shopping centre will all work in your favour.  As a buyer, it should be quite easy to think like a buyer – if you want your kids to go to a good school, the chances are so will others.  If you don’t want to fight traffic every morning to get to work, you’re probably not alone.  A pretty and convenient location will generally do well on the market, and if you can make small improvements to the house, chances are you won’t lose on the return.

Unfortunately, real estate is a dynamic market, and there are no guarantees.  It’s important to understand local market trends, and to be aware of the recent sales history of different areas.  We recommend coming in and chatting to our Professionals Fairfield Real Estate team before making your decision, as we can help you through the intricacies of our local Fairfield market, and ensure you know everything you need to know before diving in.

If you’re thinking of buying in Fairfield, and want to make the best decision for your family as well as your hip pocket, come and chat with our team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate today.

Wishing you a Happy & Safe Easter from Professionals

Easter BunnyOur team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate would like to wish all of our clients, customers, friends and families a very happy and safe Easter holiday.

As we all know, road fatalities are known to increase in the holiday periods, usually because people are rushing frantically from one party to the next, or have become fatigued or intoxicated when driving.

Bad weather and lots of traffic on the roads will cause delays, so expect a longer than usual journey and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive safely.  Patience is always important on the roads, but is particularly important at this time of year.

Whether you plan to spend the long weekend away from home or on your couch watching your favourite tv marathons, we hope that you have a happy and relaxing time and manage to spend as much of it as possible with your loved ones.

Will you shave for a cause?

world's greatest shaveThe World’s Greatest Shave is back again, and we’re asking which Fairfield residents are going to be brave enough to rid themselves of their flowing locks for this fantastic cause?

Every year people from all over the country turn up to their local events to shave, colour or wax their hair to help raise much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.  Money raised goes towards blood cancer research and enables the foundation to provide free help to Australian families.  Without the bravery and generosity of Australians, the 11,500 Australians affected by Leukaemia each year would not be able to rely on the Leukaemia Foundation for this support and much needed aid.

This year you’ll find events in Fairfield and across the state from March 14 to 17, and indeed throughout the month.  If your job or family won’t permit you to shave your head for the cause, you can still take part in Funky Hair Friday on March 15, or get yourself sponsored to go green this Sunday in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day.

If you are feeling brave and would like to commit your hair (or head) to the cause, you may also like to host your own shaving event.  This can be held on any day and the Leukaemia Foundation will help to support your event with a host kit and promotion on their website.  Is there anything better than seeing your workmates sweat as their much pampered mane falls to the ground in front of them… all in the name of a fantastic cause?

To get involved or learn more about the World’s Greatest Shave please head over to their website at http://www.worldsgreatestshave.com/.  Aside from learning more about the wonderful work they do, you can also choose to find a shaving event, volunteer your clipping services or simply make a donation.  Any help will no doubt be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping many Australian families in need.

To help you out we’ve found this fantastic event nearby:

  • At Mounties in Mount Pritchard

The community can get involved with a new hairdo in exchange for a $10 donation, by attending Mounties from 7pm to 9pm on March 15.  For more information please call Mounties on 9822 3555.

  • Razzles Hair and Beauty Shave Event in Fairfield

Sunday 17th March from 11:00am – 3:00pm at Razzles Hair and Beauty Shop.  Get your hair shaved at Razzles Hair and Beauty for only $10! All proceeds will be donated to The Leuakaemia Foundation. Let’s raise money for this great cause! Contact Andira on 9726 0726 for further details.

So tell us Fairfield residents, are you brave enough to shave?

If you’d like to see a member of our office take the plunge and shave their head this week, please share this blog on facebook.  Our courage to shave will grow with every share!

How much will my Fairfield house sell for?

DollarOur team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate are often asked this question when speaking with people getting ready to sell their Fairfield house.  Unfortunately, the answer is about as ‘black and white’ as “How long is a piece of string?”

When you’re preparing to sell, you will no doubt speak with Fairfield real estate agents to ask for an honest appraisal of your home.  If done well, this will include a comparison of your home to others currently on the market, and those which have recently sold.  The reason for this is to a) gain a better appreciation for what your house would be up against if it were to be put on the market, and b) understand the dollars comparable properties have been actually selling for – which may be different from the original asking price.

When describing the ‘buying’ process to sellers, it can be useful to use a pyramid analogy.  If you imagine that the pyramid is full of buyers, the majority of buyers will be willing to pay the least amount of money possible.  As the price goes up, fewer buyers will be interested.  In the end, you will sell for what the single highest bidding buyer is willing to pay.

Typically a house will achieve its best price in the first 4 to 6 weeks of being available on the market.  New properties are always more attractive to buyers; you are likely to get most internet hits and Open House inspections during this period.  This means that from day 1, you need to ensure your house is priced realistically, and presented beautifully, all ready for a successful sale.

If you’re thinking of selling and have questions about the local Fairfield market, or would just like to have a chat about your options, please come and visit us at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate.


To NAPLAN or not to NAPLAN?

If you’ve been following the news recently, you may have noticed that NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numercy) has recently been hitting the headlines.  If your child/ren are currently enrolled in any of the primary or secondary schools in or around Fairfield, you will most likely have an opinion about NAPLAN.  For those not in the know, NAPLAN is an Australia-wide assessment that began in 2008, and is conducted annually on children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  The national test is designed to assess all students in the skills of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation), and numeracy.

Whether you’re in the process of choosing a school for your child or your children are currently enrolled in a local school, you will probably have clicked onto the government’s MySchool website at some stage and noticed the public NAPLAN scores on display for every Australian school.

So what are the benefits of NAPLAN?

According to the http://www.nap.edu.au website, some important benefits are:

  • Schools are able to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses in their own programs, and can use the results to drive improvements within their own lesson plans, programs and curriculum.
  • Education ministers and curriculum stakeholders can similarly use the national results to determine the success of their policies and resources, and use the NAPLAN results to make evidence-based policy changes as the need arises.
  • NAPLAN increases accountability.  Its transparency gives all Australians a better understanding of policy requirements and the allocation of educational resources.
  • It enables parents to easily draw comparisons between schools, and better understand their own school’s performance in the assessed areas.

However, recent headlines have hit out at NAPLAN.  Some critics have suggested that the yearly tests narrow the focus of schools, forcing teachers to ‘teach for the test’ rather than teaching for learning.  Many have also said that the pressure NAPLAN places on teachers and students alike is doing more harm than good; while others have hit out at the credibility of NAPLAN, suggesting that some schools are asking struggling students to stay home during testing to ensure their results remain high and their public image intact.

When speaking with Fairfield parents, students, teachers and principals, it is clear that NAPLAN is a controversial topic, with both avid supporters and passionate critics found within the same school community.

If you have children attending Fairfield Heights Public School, Fairfield Public School, Fairfield High School, Patrician Brothers College , or another school in the Fairfield area, please share your opinion with us here.  Do you look forward to receiving information about your child and their school based on their NAPLAN results, or do you wish teachers could get on with teaching without the pressure of NAPLAN?

We expect varying opinions and views, but would love to open up a forum of respectful discussion to see what local families honestly think of NAPLAN, so please jump on and share your view with us here.

Create A Garden Your Children Will Love

Do you have to bribe your children to go outside when they’d much rather give their thumbs a workout playing their favourite video games?  In an attempt to have more children running around enjoying the outdoors this summer, our team thought we’d share some tips for creating the garden your kids will never want to leave.

  • As much as Fairfield residents are known to love backyard cricket and barbecues, don’t forget that a backyard that is all lawn with no plants gives children limited scope to hide, investigate and let their imaginations run wild.  There’s no need to create an elaborate tree-house or cubby (unless you want to); simply including shrubs and plants for exploration and hide-and-seek will appeal to their sense of creative fun.
  • Make sure you have plenty of toys and sporting equipment at the ready for a fun day outdoors.  Keeping them in an outdoor storage container or a particular section of the garden shed will ensure the kids have easy access, without your garden constantly looking like a toy shop.
  • Encourage your children to look after a particular section of the garden, whether that’s a garden pot, garden bed or planter box.  A vegetable garden generally works well because they can see the plants progressing, and enjoy consuming the fruits of their labour.  Let them choose what they’d like to grow in their section and help them to maintain it.  Children will love the sense of ownership, and it won’t take long before they’re supplying you with some delicious dinner ingredients.
  • If you grew up with a fruit tree in your garden, you’ll no doubt have fond memories of wiping juice from your chin as you munched your way through branches of oranges, apricots, nectarines or peaches.  Low hanging fruit trees can be great for children, and are an easy way to increase your child’s fruit intake as they’ll love picking their own bagful of fruit.  There are now dwarf fruit varieties on the market, which are a great size for small children to pick from, and also a good alternative if you don’t have a lot of space.

These are just a few suggestions to help make your garden more child-friendly, and hopefully entice your kids away from the television during these warmer months.  If you have a backyard pool, please be sure to also read our blog about planning a safe summer in the water, and always make sure your children are sun smart when outdoors.

Do you have any tips you can add for coaxing the children outdoors this summer?  What are your children’s favourite outdoor activities?  Have you bought extravagant play equipment only to find your children preferred making mud pies?  Do you have tips for easy vegetables to grow?  Please share your child-friendly garden ideas with us here.

What’s Your Preference – Real or Fake?

When you’re preparing for Christmas, one of the first steps is usually making sure the Christmas tree is ready to decorate at the beginning of December.  But you have a big decision to make before you have a flashing tree in your front window – Will you be purchasing a real pine tree, or buying a fake one?

Each has its advantages.

If you’re hard up for cash this Christmas season, it may be more financially viable for you to buy an artificial tree.  Artificial trees have come a long way over the years, and a good quality artificial tree nowadays looks incredibly similar to the real thing.  The cost will be fairly similar to the cost of buying a real tree, but it will last you for several silly seasons to come.  This also adds to their convenience; it’s far easier to toss a tree in the cupboard at the end of the season rather than organising a trip to the tip to dispose of the real McCoy.  So why would you bother buying the real thing?

There are two main reasons people are continuing to trudge home with a pine tree strapped to their car roof.  The first is something that’s hard to resist – the smell of Christmas!   Aside from carollers at the door or a jolly man dressed in a red suit, there are few things that scream Christmas like being met with the smell of fresh pine needles.

Another big plus in the ‘real tree’ column is that it is in fact the more environmentally friendly choice.  Although trees are uprooted each season, they are also replaced every year, and are often grown in areas unsuitable for any other use, while artificial trees are often made of materials that are non-renewable and polluting.

So which way will you go this Christmas?  Do you plan to ‘go green’ and enjoy the smell of Christmas in your home, or will you save dollars and buy a tree that will last your family for years to come?

Fairfield Real Estate Tips – 4 Ways To Impress With A Sparkling Home

Have you ever done a final clean before moving out of a home, only to realise how lovely and spacious it can look?  Ever walked through a spotless display home and wished you could move straight in?  You’re not alone.  These are typically reactions to houses that are sparkling clean and free from clutter.  It seems obvious, and of course you’ll have a good clean and tidy before selling your home.  But just how far will you go?  By following these few simple cleaning tips your house will be sparkling clean, and likely attracting crowds of smitten Fairfield real estate buyers.

  1. Giving your windows a thorough clean on the inside and out will have an instant impact on the appearance of your home.  If you have a deck or patio, crystal clear windows will best show off your indoor-outdoor living spaces.  Windows without smudges and fingerprints will be similarly attractive if hosting twilight inspections; it’s extremely inviting to look through a sparkling window to a warm glowing room.
  2. Professionally cleaning your carpets and polishing your floorboards and tiles will not only ensure your floors shine, but will also give your home a beautifully clean and crisp smell.  This is always a more attractive scent when inspecting a home than deodorisers, which buyers often suspect are masking unwanted odours.
  3. By cleaning all woodwork in your kitchen and bathrooms you’ll help to give these rooms a huge lift.  While you may have grown accustomed to the odd drip or spill, buyers are likely to notice and may find them off-putting.
  4. Remember to clean all light fittings thoroughly, particularly outdoor lights which are renowned bug catchers.  As you make your way around the house it’s a good idea to replace any blown bulbs.  If things aren’t in good working order on inspection day, buyers may assume the house has been neglected.

Make sure your Fairfield home stands out from the crowd.  Give your home the best opportunity to impress by making sure it looks its best on inspection day.  Just think, every hour you spend cleaning will be well worth it when you’re gleefully clinking champagne glasses together in front of your ‘Sold’ sign.

For more selling and home styling tips feel free to come and visit us at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate or feel free to give us a call on 9727 5122.

Is Your Bank Balance Looking Healthy For Christmas?

When speaking with Fairfield families at this time of the year, many describe being in a bit of a financial mess with no idea of how to start getting their finances back on track.  With Christmas presents to buy, extended families to feed, and some taking unpaid leave for family holidays, it’s easy to see why Christmas can cause some Fairfield families more worries than cheer.  While a financial expert will be able to look into your individual situation and provide you with specific money saving advice, we thought we’d help you to get started with these few easy steps.

  1. Create a family budget.  When most people start a family budget they open up a spreadsheet and start entering ‘guesstimates’ of what they think they ‘should’ be spending on their rent or mortgage, food, petrol, school fees and bills.  Rather than guessing, collect your receipts and use your real expenses over several months.  This will ensure that your outgoings are accurate, and that you remember to include unexpected expenses like car repairs and annual costs like registrations.
  2. Get a handle on your expenses.   Collecting receipts will also help you to work out where you could be saving money.  Of course you have to pay certain bills, but do you need to be spending that extra $10 a week hiring DVDs, or making the chocolate bar purchase every time you stop to fill up your car at the servo?  Most people are careful when making big purchases, but don’t forget that the little ones can add up over time too.
  3. Refinance your home.  This is a great time to think about refinancing your home.  If you haven’t already taken advantage of current low interest rates and you plan to be in your house for a while longer, refinancing can save you huge amounts over time.  Try to look past the paperwork and think of the savings you’ll be able to enjoy at the once it’s done.
  4. Find your lost superannuation.  If you’ve worked in a few jobs over the years you may find that you’ve lost track of some of your super accounts, and have money sitting in places you can’t even remember.  The Australian Taxation Office have a ‘Super Seeker’ online service that will help you to find your lost super.  Once found you can transfer your super into one account, making it far easier to keep track of your money, and ensuring you’re only paying one set of fees.

Our Professionals Fairfield Real Estate team would like to encourage all families to get their finances in order this Christmas season so that you can enjoy the time with your loved ones, rather than worrying about your bank balance.  This will also put you on track for a great financial start to 2013!


Moving to Fairfield With Children?

Moving to a new area can be daunting at the best of times, but throw children into the mix and you have a whole new set of important considerations.  To help you out, here are a few things you may like to be mindful of if you’re considering buying real estate in Fairfield.

Whether your children are toddlers requiring child care, in kindergarten or school aged, you must take the time to explore your options.  Which child care services have vacancies, are you happy with their facilities, are the kindergartens and schools zoned, do you agree with their philosophies, how well are the schools performing?  Explore what is available and do as much research as you can (including speaking with as many people as you can from the area).  Fairfield has many fantastic centres and schools offering a range of services, and we’d be happy to provide you with their contact details to make your search a little easier.

The age of your children will determine what local facilities are important, but don’t forget to look ahead if you’re planning to stay a while.  Playgroups may be important to you while your child is very young, but it won’t be long before you’re looking for a local rugby or tennis club.  Similarly, your primary school child may be happy to enjoy play dates in the park for now, but it won’t be long before they’re teenagers wanting to be dropped off at the movies or local shopping centre.  Will your new area accommodate their growing needs?  Fairfield boasts many fantastic clubs, teams and activities that we’d be proud to talk to you about.

We recommend using Google Maps to take a birds-eye view of the neighbourhood first.  This will help you determine how close the house is to kindergartens, schools, parks, shopping centres and other landmarks of interest.  Adopt the ‘street view’ in Google Maps for a 360 degree street-level virtual tour.  This will give you a more accurate feel for the area by showing the styles of surrounding houses, openness of parks and street appeal of schools.

If you already own your own slice of Fairfield real estate, or you are renting in the area, you can help others who may be beginning their research by sharing your favourite places to go.  Why did you buy or rent here, and what do your children love best about living in Fairfield?