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Tree Removal in Fairfield

Trees help add to Fairfield’s scenery and environment, they offer shade and privacy and they can help bring birds to the neighbourhood – but for some homeowners they can be pesky, dangerous and just plain messy.

If you have a tree on your property that you want to remove you can’t just cut it down. You need to obtain council permission first, and in some cases, such as if the tree is in contact with power lines, it is not safe to remove the tree yourself.

You risk facing huge fines if you remove trees without council permission, and it is definitely not worth the potential danger of doing it yourself when it isn’t safe to do so.

According to the Fairfield City Council website, local residents are prohibited from wilfully injuring, removing or destroying a tree without the prior approval of council.

As stated on the Council website –

  • If you want to cut down or trim a tree first you need to get approval from Council. Permission will only be granted for the removal of trees if they are diseased, dead, dying, unhealthy and will become dangerous or if causing structural damage.

Does the Tree Preservation Order apply to all trees?

  • Yes, the Tree Preservation Order applies to all trees over 4 metres tall in the City of Fairfield (excluding trees declared as noxious such as Rhus). You can be prosecuted if you damage or remove a tree without applying first to Council and penalties can be substantial. In February 2002 a local magistrate handed down a $4,000 fine for damaging just one tree.

If there is a tree on your property that you would like to remove, you need to first fill out an application form that can be found on the Fairfield City Council website. For further advice you may wish to get in contact with the Fairfield Council directly.

From Flat to House: Upsizing in Fairfield!

So you’re ready for the big time. Maybe you’ve had your flat for some time; maybe you’re even close to paying it off – congratulations on the investment you’ve made in your financial future. Then maybe you or your partner falls pregnant, you need to accommodate extra family or you just find your current place bursting at the seams.
Deciding to upsize to a bigger home is no easy decision – especially as there can be quite a difference between unit and house prices. But sometimes life forces your hand or you decide you’re ready – so what do you need to consider? I thought we could discuss the basics of what to do when you’re looking for a bigger home.
  • Plan for the future: You might be having a baby or already have a small child and are looking for your first family home. But consider, is baby number one going to be an only child? Moving house with small children is no fun, so consider how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and how big your kitchen should really be.
  • Think about fun: If you’re taking a larger mortgage on board and you think you’ll be staying in more, then make sure the home you’re buying has room enough to move and fit in some entertainment – a pool table, soccer net or home theatre are popular choices.
  • Size does matter: Beyond having enough room for your loving offspring, take a moment to consider any space you may need. Is there a possibility you’ll be working from home? Do you need a second living area? If you’re planning a big family you don’t want to tread on each others toes.
  • Be real with your budget: Everyone would like to think they can afford enough room to move, but that doesn’t mean that you should go overboard. Negotiate finance that you can live with through your new or existing lender, then search – don’t try and pin down a huge house with a huge price before you know you can afford it.
So as you can see there are some pretty serious factors in play. If you’re uncertain about your needs, or what’s on offer in our local area then feel free to contact me, or call by the office to make an appointment for a chat with one of our experienced agents.
Best of luck with your hunt for a larger home!

Planning Renovations?

Getting fit and healthy is part of most people’s New Year resolutions, however a lot of Fairfield residents also make it their goal to finally finish those home renovations.
Renovations can be an easy task to put off, especially if they involve a lot of work or disruptions to your living situation, however the sooner you get them over with the better.
So how can you make sure that you finish your renovations before they end up becoming next year’s resolutions?
Plan– The easiest way to make sure your renovations get started and finished is to start planning. Give yourself a timeframe to complete separate tasks and make sure you stick to it. Be realistic though, while painting sounds like something you can finish in a weekend, it can take a lot longer to prep the walls then you might have first realised.  
Budget – Even if you are carrying out your own renovations you will still need to budget for materials and these can be expensive. So figure out how much you will need for each renovation project, and don’t forget to consider this when planning.
Just Do It! – The biggest reason we don’t get tasks done is procrastination. If you’ve been putting off renovations simply because they sound too hard, or you don’t feel like spending your weekends plastering walls, then either save up and get someone else to do your renovations for you, or get past your mental block and get to work!

Tips for Buying Real Estate in Fairfield

There’s a lot to think about when buying a new property, so this week we thought we would give some tips to help people on the property hunt.
Here are some things you will need to think when going to buy a home:
What you can afford to spend or borrow? – Do you have a deposit saved? Have you talked to a bank or mortgage broker about financing? Before you do anything else, it’s always a good idea to make a financial plan and figure out how much you can afford to spend on a property. 
What do you need and want? – When you start to look at properties think about the things you absolutely must have in a property, and the things you’d like to have. Once you have an idea of the types of properties you are after then start looking for properties that meet your search criteria.
Talk to real estate agents – It helps to talk to real estate agents early on in your property search. Real estate agents should be able to offer you an insight into property in the area, as well as offer you useful local information.
Have you got your move sorted? Don’t forget all of the things you will need to do when you move either. If you are renting then you will need to give vacating notice and if you live in your current home then you will need to think about putting the property up for sale or rent.
Hopefully these tips will help you on your property journey, if you would like any more advice on buying property, or real estate in Fairfield, then please leave a comment.