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National Recycling Week in Fairfield

Next week is National Recycling Week, which in the lead-up to Christmas serves as a timely reminder about the importance of recycling and minimising waste.

We all know that recycling is a good thing, and that it helps reduce our environmental impact, but many people are still confused about what can be recycled. Sometimes people take the easy option and throw all of their items into general waste – or worse, place non-recyclables into recycling bins!

Since it is National Recycling Week, it is a great time to learn more about what can and can’t be recycled or reused.

So in case you were wondering, here are some kerbside recycling tips:

  • When you put materials into your recycling bin, don’t ever put them in a plastic bag.
  • Rinse out containers, jars and bottles before putting them in your recycling bin. They don’t have to be spotless, just give them a quick clean.
  • Don’t put oven-proof glass, drinking glasses or ceramic mugs in your bin. Just 25g of oven-proof glass can contaminate one tonne of normal glass, making it useless for recycling.
  • Remove the lids from bottles and jars before putting items your recycling bin. If you have time you can recycle lids with these tips.
  • Pizza boxes, paper bags or cardboard boxes containing food also need special treatment before putting them into your recycling bin. Take out all food items before recycling and remember if the cardboard/paper box or paper bag is too soiled or greasy it cannot be recycled.
  • 47% of Australia’s household waste is made up of organic waste like food scraps and garden cuttings. That’s a huge amount of waste to add to landfill so if you have a bin for garden cuttings or your council runs an organic waste collection service make sure you utilise it. Better still, invest in a compost bin, bokashi bin or worm farm to make good use of your organic waste and keep it out of landfill.

For more recycling tips and information visit the National Recycling Week website.

Do you follow all of the tips above? Do you have any more recycling tips for Fairfield residents?

Fairfield commuters urged to Walk to Work

Are you looking to build more exercise into your everyday routine? If you answered yes then you might like to take part in Diabetes Australia’s upcoming Walk to Work Day on Friday 14 November, which aims to help encourage people to be more active.

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise and there are lots of benefits for those who find the time to walk throughout the day. Research has found that people who walk before or during the workday are generally healthier, more productive and less likely to be sick or absent. Not only that, but you can save a lot on transport costs too!

Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of living walking distance to work, but that’s still no excuse.

Here are some ways to incorporate walking into your day from the Walk to Work website:

  • If you can’t walk all the way, use public transport and get off the bus, train, tram or ferry a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way to work.
  • If you need to drive, try to leave the car at least a kilometre from your destination and walk the rest of the way.
  • Take a half-hour walk at lunchtime.
  • Where possible use the stairs rather than escalators or the lift.
  • If you sit a lot at work, remember get up and walk around at least once every hour. Get up and talk to your colleagues instead of sending them emails.
  • Instead of holding meetings sitting down, try to hold “walking workshops”.

If you decide to take part in Walk to Work Day this year then you should try to get your whole workplace involved, and if you register you can help raise funds for Diabetes Australia.

To find out more about Walk to Work Day and how you can get involved, head to www.walk.com.au.

Let’s talk about men’s health

You might have thought that the faces of Fairfield’s men couldn’t get much hairier, but that will change next month when we all start noticing a lot more hairy upper lips as men all over the country take part in Movember.

The Movember movement is aimed at creating conversations about men’s health and finding breakthrough solutions to help improve the lives of those dealing with prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

For the men out there that want to take part in Movember this year, the rules are simple – start November 1 with a clean-shaven face and then grow and groom a moustache for the entire month. No beards, goatees or fake moustaches are allowed, and all Mo Bros must always conduct themselves like gentleman.

If you can’t grow a moustache then that’s ok because you can still help the Movember cause by encouraging friends to take part, donating funds, or simply talking and learning more about men’s health.

You can find more information about Movember at au.movember.com, and feel free to let us know whether you or someone you know will be growing a mo next month by leaving a comment.


Fairfield’s Haunted Halloween Museum

If you’re looking for a ghoulish event to take the kids to this Halloween then look no further then the Haunted Museum in Fairfield.

The spooky event will take place from 5pm to 7pm on Halloween night at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, and children and their families are invited.

There will be free activities including a trick or treat museum hunt, face painting and temporary tattoos. Or you might like to create a pumpkin tea light.

There will also be a pumpkin ring tossing competition and a scary vintage village to walk through.

Food and refreshments will be available at the event and if you want to head along then you need to RSVP by 29 October to 9609 3993.

So dress the kids up and get them ready for a safe and fun Halloween event.

But if you decide to go trick or treating in Fairfield instead, then you can read our local tips by clicking here.

Will you be celebrating Halloween in Fairfield this year?

Will you be trick or treating in Fairfield this year?

Halloween is almost here and while a lot of people in Fairfield probably still think of the holiday as an American custom, each year it seems that more and more people get into the Halloween spirit by decorating their homes, carving pumpkins and holding costume parties.

Trick or treating is also becoming a popular activity for the little ones, but it’s important to keep in mind that there can be safety risks if children are left to wander the neighbourhood on their own.

If you can, get together with people you already know in your neighbourhood and organise whose homes can be visited so that you know that your children will be safe and that they won’t be disturbing anybody who doesn’t want to be.

You might also like to leave a note in people’s letterboxes to let them know you plan on doorknocking so they can contact you (or leave a sign out front) to let you know whether or not they want to be a part of trick or treating.

If you and your neighbours can all agree on who will be trick or treating then it will be a lot safer and more fun for everyone.

It’s also important to always have a trusted adult accompanying the kids to make sure that they respect the houses they’re visiting and stay safe on the roads too.

Remember a lot of people still don’t celebrate Halloween so it’s important to respect people who don’t want to be a part of the holiday or who might be scared of little ghouls running around. It might also help if you trick or treat early in the evening so as not to scare people late at night.

Here are some more tips for trick or treaters, courtesy of the Queensland Police Service:

• Be accompanied by a mother or father monster at all times (or another responsible witch, ghost or vampire);

• Black cats love to slink around, but you should walk, not run between houses and stick to the footpath rather than the road. Black cats don’t want to be seen, and for good reason, but if you wear black, it will reduce your visibility to passing motorists!

• Never enter a stranger’s house, even if they have invited you in after knocking on their door;

• Be aware that not everybody celebrates Halloween, and some may find a group of young witches, zombies or Frankenstein’s Bride on their door step very confronting!; and

• Consider joining your friends on your neighbourhood adventure – there is safety in numbers.

If you plan on trick or treating in the Fairfield area this year, then feel free to share your plans by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/professionalsfairfield

Western Sydney’s weekend of food

Next weekend will be all about food for Western Sydneysiders – there will be the Culinary Carnivale on Saturday 25 October and then the very next day there will be the Parklands Food Fest at the Western Sydney Parklands.

The Parklands Food Fest is an annual event that is now in its third year, and it’s all about growing, making and eating good food.

The event will feature a whole range of interactive workshops, fresh produce stalls and gardening tips so that festivalgoers can learn how to go from the paddock to the plate.

Former MasterChef winner, Julie Goodwin, will be at the festival and will be demonstrating some of her easy recipes, and ABC Gardening Australia’s Cost will also be behind the kitchen bench, giving a demonstration using home grown produce.

Entry and parking for the event is completely free. You will find it at the Lizard Log Amphitheatre in the Western Sydney Parklands in Abbotsbury.

For all further information about the event head to westernsydneyparklands.com.au or find the event on Facebook at www.facebook.com/westernsydneypark.

Don’t forget to also head to the Culinary Carnivale in Fairfield the day before, you can find more information about this event by clicking here.

Are you heading to this year’s Culinary Carnivale?

One of the best things about living in Fairfield is all of the delicious international food on offer and one of the best places to experience some of our local cuisines is at the upcoming Culinary Carnivale.

The Spanish and Latin American food festival began back in 2011 and has since become one of Western Sydney’s premier festivals.

Last year’s event brought in a crowd of 10,000 visitors to Fairfield and this year is expected to be even bigger!

The Fairfield City Centre will come to life with Spanish and Latin American music, entertainment and flavours.

Festival goers’ tastebuds will particularly enjoy a variety of food such as churros, empanadas, paella and caramel-infused pastries.

Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre will be returning to the Culinary Carnivale for the second year in a row and will be holding two cooking demonstrations throughout the event.

Culinary Carnivale will be taking place on Saturday 25 October from 11am to 4pm and is completely free to attend.

If you want to find out more about the event then contact the event coordinator on 0409 151 371 or hpijaca@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au.

Will you be going to Fairfield’s Culinary Carnivale this year?

Will you be taking part in this year’s Fairfield Relay for Life?

The Fairfield Relay for Life will be taking place in less than a month and everyone in Fairfield is invited to get involved to raise much-needed funds for Cancer Council NSW.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, the Relay for Life is an overnight community event where teams of people take it in turns to walk in a 24-hour relay.

The Relay can prove to be a good workout for those who want to walk or run repeated laps (you only need to do one if you want to) but the event isn’t about winning a race, it’s about sharing an experience with your family and friends and helping in the fight against cancer.

The relay journey will begin at 9.30am on Saturday 1 November at Horsley Park Reserve and it traditionally starts with a lap walked by carers and cancer survivors, who are the VIPS of the relay event.

If you want to register a team for the event, you can do so by clicking on this link.

The Fairfield Relay for Life has always made for a fun event in the past and it’s well worth being a part of.

For those who haven’t taken part in the event before, you might like to head to one of the information sessions being held on Tuesday 7th October and Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 7.30pm at Long Tan Room, Smithfield RSL, Cnr Cumberland Hwy and Neville Street, Smithfield.

If you’re heading to an information session you can RSVP your attendance to melissab@nswcc.org.au or 9354 2007.

Will you be heading to this year’s Fairfield Relay for Life?

Turn your trash into treasure with the Garage Sale Trail

If you haven’t already then it’s time to start spring-cleaning your home preparation for this year’s Garage Sale Trail.

Households, community groups, schools, charities, makers and creators are all invited to join in on the event, which will see garage sales across the country sell all sorts of trinkets and treasures.

The aim of the Garage Sale Trail is to help encourage community recycling and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.

A lot of items that get thrown away can be recycled, reused or repurposed in some way. If everyone were to recycle regularly it would help lead to a more sustainable community for us all.

Plus, by taking part in events such as the Garage Sale Trail we can not only save ourselves a trip to the tip, but we can also make some money if our trash turns out to be someone else’s treasure.

This year’s Garage Sale Trail will be taking place on Saturday 25th October. You can join in on the fun by either hosting your own garage sale or visiting some in your neighbourhood.

To register a sale for free or to see what’s on offer at other local sales visit www.garagesaletrail.com.au. The website also offers “How-To Guides” to help sellers make the most out of the event.

If you want some spring-cleaning tips in preparation for the Garage Sale Trail then click here to find tips on our blog.

New Fairfield exhibition shows weddings in a multicultural city

Everybody loves a good wedding and while a lot of Australians mark their special day with an “I do” and a white a wedding dress, there are many other ways that weddings are celebrated in our local communities.

From next Saturday (September 13) at the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, Fairfield residents will get to take a glimpse into how weddings are celebrated in other cultures, specifically within four communities: Indian, Laos, Samoan and Cambodian communities in the Greater Western Sydney area.

The special exhibition titled ‘Happy Ever After: Weddings in a Multicultural City’ will explore the diversity and the similarities between multicultural weddings and it will also help promote cross-cultural discussion and interaction in the community.

One of the great things about living in Fairfield is that we’re surrounded by so many different cultures that have so much to teach and to learn from each other and no doubt this new exhibition will be an enriching experience for all of those who visit it.

Happy Ever After: Weddings in a Multicultural City will be on show at the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery from September 13 until November 15, 2014.

To find out more about the exhibition you can contact the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery on 9609 3993 or museumgallery@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au.