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Wishing Everyone in Fairfield a Happy and Safe Easter!

Easter in FairfieldOur team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate would like to wish all of the Fairfield community a very happy and safe Easter long weekend.

We’re sure a lot of Fairfield households will be looking forward to treating themselves to a few chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns this weekend, or maybe taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt or Easter games.

There’s also plenty of fun activities to take part in this weekend around Fairfield, so don’t forget to check out our blog “Easter School Holidays 2014 in Fairfield” for some great events to take the kids to this weekend. Fairfield Revealed opens this weekend at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery; so don’t forget to check that out too!

In whichever way everyone chooses to celebrate Easter in Fairfield, we hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Easter, Fairfield!

Celebrating Easter without Chocolate

Easter without ChocolateIt’s hard to imagine Easter without a couple of chocolate Easter eggs, but sometimes the holiday can leave us with chocolate overload!

So to help everyone in Fairfield who wants to celebrate Easter sans chocolate this year, we thought we’d provide some chocolate-free ideas:

Start with an Easter basket

Any type of gift you choose to give your kids or friends will have Easter flair if it’s delivered in an Easter basket. You could fill the basket with all types of things, from muesli bars and fruit, to toys or hand-painted real eggs.

Create a different kind of hunt

One of the best parts of Easter for a lot of kids is the Easter egg hunt. Instead of using chocolate eggs in your hunt, try using plastic eggs with a treat inside, or perhaps puzzle pieces or another toy or treat that your kids would enjoy.

Tell the kids that the Easter bunny prefers carrots

Why would the Easter bunny eat chocolate when his favourite food is carrots? Enjoy all of the types of foods that the Easter bunny might like, such as carrots and other vegetables, instead of chocolate.

Overall it doesn’t matter which way you choose to celebrate Easter, what really matters is that everyone in Fairfield enjoys the break and spends some quality time with the people they love.

Our team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate would love to hear how you celebrate Easter in Fairfield, so let us know by leaving a comment.

Easter School Holidays 2014 in Fairfield

Easter School Holidays 2014 FairfieldIt’s hard to believe that it’s almost Easter time in Fairfield, and while we’re sure everyone is looking forward to a long weekend, a lot of parents will be racking their brains trying to find fun things to do with the kids.

Luckily we have some school holiday ideas to help Fairfield’s parents out…

Visit the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery

There are plenty of fun children’s activities taking place at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery these school holidays. The kids can try their hands at Mexican taco painting, Asian style wrap and roll, a pizza making workshop and much more.  Activities cost between $5 and $10 and are for a variety of age groups. The April school holiday program will run from Monday 14th April until Thursday 24th April. Visit www.livingmuseum.com.au for more details.

Visit the Fairfield Library

The Fairfield library as well as other libraries in the Fairfield City Council area will be holding free craft activities for the kids. There will be a mosaic craft session at the Fairfield Library at 10.30am on Monday 14th April and an Under the Sea craft session at the Fairfield Library at 10.30am on Wednesday 23rd April.  Bookings are essential. For full details visit http://www.fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au/default.asp?iNavCatId=11&iSubCatId=2224&mode=showEvent&eventID=2241.

Easter in Fairfield City Centre

Kids in Fairfield will want to head along to he big Easter event at Fairfield City Centre where the Easter bunny and Alice in Wonderland will be handing out Easter eggs for everyone to enjoy. Eastern Fairfield City Centre will be taking place from 11.30am until 1.30pm at Thomas Ware Plaza on Thursday 17th April. All further details can be found at http://www.fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au/default.asp?iNavCatId=11&iSubCatId=2224.

Do you know of any more events happening in Fairfield over the Easter holidays? 

Wishing you a Happy & Safe Easter from Professionals

Easter BunnyOur team at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate would like to wish all of our clients, customers, friends and families a very happy and safe Easter holiday.

As we all know, road fatalities are known to increase in the holiday periods, usually because people are rushing frantically from one party to the next, or have become fatigued or intoxicated when driving.

Bad weather and lots of traffic on the roads will cause delays, so expect a longer than usual journey and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive safely.  Patience is always important on the roads, but is particularly important at this time of year.

Whether you plan to spend the long weekend away from home or on your couch watching your favourite tv marathons, we hope that you have a happy and relaxing time and manage to spend as much of it as possible with your loved ones.

What’s your Easter tradition?

Easter EggsEaster Sunday will be falling on the last day of March this year, and as it’s a little earlier than usual we’re finding that it’s sneaking up on us all a bit too quickly.  While many are out battling the supermarket queues in search of great eggs for family and friends, we know others here in Fairfield and around the world are celebrating Easter with their own special traditions.

While many of us may think of Easter as an opportunity to have a holiday from school or work and pig out on chocolate, it’s also a holiday with a long tradition and history behind it, and it’s celebrated in many different ways around the world.

Easter eggs are decorated and hung from tree branches in Germany, while in Croatia and Slovenia an Easter basket is prepared with bread, ham, horseradish, coloured eggs and potica.  Swedish families serve up a traditional feasts on Easter Saturday with herring, salmon, potatoes and eggs all making the menu, and bonfires are also lit during Holy Saturday making it a huge event.

Here in Fairfield, families often enjoy decorating eggs, indulging in Easter egg hunts, munching on hot cross buns and spending time with loved ones during the break.

What’s your Easter tradition?