What do buyers notice at property inspections?

Want to know what grabs the attention of home buyers? You might be surprised at what they notice when they go to property inspections.

Buyers are looking to make a major financial decision and so, as you can imagine, they are quite discerning when it comes to properties. Small things that you might not notice after living in a property for a while can be extremely obvious to a buyer and may put them off the property altogether – even if it can be easily fixed.

So what will grab buyers’ attention and what can you do about it?

The exterior:

Driveway – One of the first things buyers notice is the driveway. Make sure it’s free of weeds and oil stains, and keep kids’ toys, gardening equipment and bins well out of sight.

Garden – The garden can leave a positive or negative impression on buyers. To make sure it’s a positive one, keep it well manicured throughout the sale and add colourful new flowers to bring a bit of life to the property. Keep the lawn mowed and water it regularly to help keep it green.

Front Porch – The front of the property should be friendly and welcoming. Keep this area neat and tidy and have a fresh welcome mat out to greet visitors.

The interior:

Lighting – Bad lighting is immediately obvious when entering a property. Keep rooms light and bright by opening up curtains and blinds and turning on lights before viewings. Adding a mirror or painting a room in new colours can also help brighten up the space.

Kitchen – The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home and also the room that gets the most scrutiny from buyers. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy while it’s on the market and aim to have minimal items on countertops.

Wall colours – Loud and quirky colours wall colours can be off-putting and make a property feel dated. If time and money allow, add a fresh coat of paint in a light and neutral colour.

Room sizes – Buyers will carefully consider the size and function of each room to see if it will meet their needs. While you may not be able to make rooms any bigger, you can create the illusion of extra space by de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and ensuring there is adequate lighting.

Remember that when selling – everything matters! Pay attention to every aspect of your property and try to see it from a buyer’s perspective.

For advice on how to best present your property for sale, contact the Professionals Fairfield team.

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