Fairfield council calls for fast train and annual toll pass

Would you like to see a fast train service in Fairfield and an annual pass to help reduce the cost of ongoing toll costs on the motorway?

If so you wouldn’t be the only one. The Fairfield City Council is currently advocating for a fast train service alongside the M7 and other motorways and the need to establish an annual pass for frequent motorway users.

According to Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone, a fast train and motorway pass would help address the large burden and inequity on workers using tolls daily.

“I know how much money and time residents in Western and South West Sydney spend on motorways to get to work,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Getting to work every day cost families, thousands of dollars every year.

“Almost 60 per cent of our residents travel outside our City daily, with the majority travelling to the Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool. There is a need for better north-south connections”.

The Fairfield Council is urging the State and Federal Government to implement a fast train along the M7 corridor linking cities such as Fairfield, Liverpool and Campbelltown to the proposed fast train between Sydney and Parramatta and the proposed future rail link to the Western Sydney Airport.

“We understand that a rail line along the M7 would take years to plan and build, so in the interim we are asking that an annual pass with discounted and capped fees be established,” Mayor Carbone said.

Fairfield Council will write to the Federal and State Governments and local Members regarding the proposed plan this week.

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