What are you doing to reduce, reuse and recycle?

In light of National Recycling Week from November 9 – 15, we thought it was an ideal time to share some ideas on how Fairfield locals can reduce their environmental footprint.

Many people know that they should put recyclable products into their recycling bins every week, but recycling is also about re-using or re-purposing items that you would otherwise throw away.

As an example, home renovators can be innovative and re-use items to help create a unique and special item for their home, while saving an item from ending up in landfill.

Some recycling (or commonly termed as up-cycling) ideas that you might like to try include:

  • If you have some old hardcover books, they can look great as mounted shelves or can be stacked to create unique bedside tables.
  • With a bit of sanding and a coat of paint or varnish, an old door can be placed on trestle legs to create a new indoor or outdoor dining table.
  • At your local op-shop or second-hand store, you can often find some daggy old furniture in need of some TLC. A fresh coat of paint or a fabric refurbish can help to create some new and interesting home pieces.
  • If you want to be playful, you could use old toy animals to create a quirky coat rack.
  • Get creative with your lampshades. There are plenty of old items you can use, such as old travel maps, cocktail umbrellas or maybe you could piece together material from discarded clothes or fabrics.

Before you throw anything away, ask yourself if it could take on a new lease of life, or consider donating it or selling it if it’s still in reasonable condition.

Don’t forget that as well as recycling, we should all be reducing and rethinking our choices when we’re looking to buy something new. It’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce our environmental impact, so think about your shopping choices and the impact that they’re having on the local and global community.

If you want to find out more about National Recycling Week and how to get involved, visit recyclingweek.planetark.org.

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