Planning to go away for the Christmas holidays? – A guide to home security

It’s almost that exciting time of year where we head off on holidays and enjoy a long needed break – but before you go away you should ensure your property is safe and secure.

Generally, the best home security tips are just simple common sense such as always locking all your windows, doors and gates when you leave the house, or not showing any signs that nobody’s home. But, if you’re going away for a long time then you might want to take a few more measures to help avoid being the target of a break-in.

Let close family or neighbours know when you go away

It’s always worth enlisting the help of a trusted friend, relative or neighbour to watch over your house, or possibly even housesit, while you’re away. They will be able to pop over and check that everything is okay and check mail and put away bins to make it appear like your home isn’t empty.

Don’t advertise your holiday itinerary on social media

You need to be careful about what you reveal online, particularly if you have a public profile because you never know who might be reading and trying to gather information about your whereabouts. Check your social media account settings and make sure that your private posts aren’t available to the general public or “friends” you don’t really know, otherwise a better idea is to wait until you get home to share those holiday snaps.

Check your home security systems (or get one installed)

Test that your home security systems are all in working order before you head away. For those who are thinking about adding extra security to your home you might want to consider alarm systems, motion sensor lights, light timers, surveillance cameras or possibly even just a highly visible sign that indicates an alarm, dog or membership of neighbourhood watch.

Make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date 

Hopefully there won’t be any problems at your home while you’re away, but for peace of mind it’s well worth having adequate insurance to cover your home and all of your valuable items.

Hopefully everyone has a fantastic and hassle-free holiday this year and if you have any more home security suggestions then feel free to let us know by leaving a comment.

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