Volunteering in Fairfield

Christmas is all about giving and if you want to provide a gift that keeps on giving then you might like to consider volunteering in Fairfield.

By volunteering you can help give back to the local community and play a vital role in a number of Fairfield’s community causes.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Fairfield. Volunteers are needed at our schools, hospitals, community centres and community groups to help provide services to help fellow Fairfield residents.

Many volunteers thoroughly enjoy the work they do and Fairfield City has many long-standing volunteers who are well known for their service and the positive impact they’ve had.

It can be a tough job, but no doubt one that is very rewarding too.

So if you’re interested in volunteering in Fairfield then contact your local community group to see how you can help.

You can also visit the Volunteering NSW website (www.volunteering.nsw.gov.au) to find information on the huge variety of available volunteering opportunities around the state.

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