Tips for securing your home for the Christmas holidays

If you plan to leave your home for the Christmas/New Year holidays then make sure that you leave it secure.

Often the best home security tips are just simple common sense. First and foremost you should always lock all your windows and doors when you leave the house (even if it’s only for a day) and remember to lock your gates too.

If you have a home security system in place then remember to set this up before you leave too.

If you are going away for a long period of time then take the time to postpone or cancel any regular deliveries you might have and ask the post office to hold your mail for you because small things like built up newspapers or mail could be signals to a would-be thief that nobody is home. If you have a friendly neighbour you may also be able to ask them to collect your mail for you and to take out your rubbish bins too.

Basically you want to make your home look “lived in” while you’re away to deter burglars.

In this day and age it’s also important to be mindful about what you post online. Remember that you don’t really know who is going to see your posts, so don’t let on that you are away from your home. You can always share your holiday stories when you are home again.

For a little extra piece of mind it is also worth checking that your home and contents insurance is up to date so that even if the worst does happen, you know that you are covered.

Hopefully everyone’s Fairfield home is kept safe and secure this year and most importantly we hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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