Drive Safely this Christmas

The Christmas and Boxing Day holidays are rapidly approaching, so we thought now would be a good time to remind everyone in Fairfield about the importance of staying safe on the road during this time.

Unfortunately traffic accidents have been known to increase over holiday periods, as people are rushing to see family and friends, or to go away for their long-awaited vacation.

The holidays also mean that there is a higher likelihood of people being intoxicated or fatigued while driving after having a few too many drinks at Christmas celebrations. Severe weather can also cause problems at this time of year.

If you’re planning on driving over the Christmas/New Year holidays, then remember that the roads will be more congested than usual and that there will be a good possibility of delays.

So when planning your journey, allow yourself more time than usual, and it should go without saying, be sensible and follow all road rules. There’s no need to rush to get to your destination (you’re on holidays after all).

It is much better to be late to your destination rather than rush and potentially not make it at all.

We hope that everyone in Fairfield drives safely and enjoys their holidays.

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