The Best Renovation Apps

renovating appsWhat did we all do before we had smartphones? Last week we talked about the best real estate apps for homebuyers, but if you’re renovating then there’s quite a few apps available for that too, here are some worth checking out:


The MagicPlan app allows users to draw out floor plans by simply standing in the centre of a room and then pointing their smartphone camera at the rooms corners. The app can then create floor plans in PDF, JPG or DXF formats.

iHandy Carpenter

Who needs to buy expensive builders tools when you can use your smartphone instead? This app offers some handy carpenter tools including – a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, steel protractor and steel ruler all in your pocket.

Dulux MyColour

If you often find yourself wondering what colour paint has been used in other people’s homes then this is the app for you. You simply take a photo of the paint colour you like, tap on the colour you want to copy and Dulux will let you know which one of their paints most closely resembles that colour.

Handy Man DIY

If you want to carry out your own renovations, this app provides instruction video guides to help you undertake smaller renovation tasks.

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

This app uses compass and camera information to help track the position of the sun, which can help renovates figure out how they can maximise sun exposure in their homes.

There’s plenty more renovating apps out there, have you used any to help with your renovations?

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