Fairfield Real Estate Tips – 4 Ways To Impress With A Sparkling Home

Have you ever done a final clean before moving out of a home, only to realise how lovely and spacious it can look?  Ever walked through a spotless display home and wished you could move straight in?  You’re not alone.  These are typically reactions to houses that are sparkling clean and free from clutter.  It seems obvious, and of course you’ll have a good clean and tidy before selling your home.  But just how far will you go?  By following these few simple cleaning tips your house will be sparkling clean, and likely attracting crowds of smitten Fairfield real estate buyers.

  1. Giving your windows a thorough clean on the inside and out will have an instant impact on the appearance of your home.  If you have a deck or patio, crystal clear windows will best show off your indoor-outdoor living spaces.  Windows without smudges and fingerprints will be similarly attractive if hosting twilight inspections; it’s extremely inviting to look through a sparkling window to a warm glowing room.
  2. Professionally cleaning your carpets and polishing your floorboards and tiles will not only ensure your floors shine, but will also give your home a beautifully clean and crisp smell.  This is always a more attractive scent when inspecting a home than deodorisers, which buyers often suspect are masking unwanted odours.
  3. By cleaning all woodwork in your kitchen and bathrooms you’ll help to give these rooms a huge lift.  While you may have grown accustomed to the odd drip or spill, buyers are likely to notice and may find them off-putting.
  4. Remember to clean all light fittings thoroughly, particularly outdoor lights which are renowned bug catchers.  As you make your way around the house it’s a good idea to replace any blown bulbs.  If things aren’t in good working order on inspection day, buyers may assume the house has been neglected.

Make sure your Fairfield home stands out from the crowd.  Give your home the best opportunity to impress by making sure it looks its best on inspection day.  Just think, every hour you spend cleaning will be well worth it when you’re gleefully clinking champagne glasses together in front of your ‘Sold’ sign.

For more selling and home styling tips feel free to come and visit us at Professionals Fairfield Real Estate or feel free to give us a call on 9727 5122.

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